Thursday, 13 November 2008

Taipei trip 2008

I've been to Taipei with my husband for 5 days last week. One of the main objective is purchasing fabrics.

We enjoyed lots of delicious food, waited for sunset at Dan Shuei, bought some fabrics. We were impressed by the fabrics market. It is large, well organized. There are many different kinds of fabrics, including Japanese ones.

Beautiful sunset at Dan Shuei, it is so romantic there.

Fabrics Market

Fabrics I've bought

Doll Houses

Busy Streets at Night (Yummy ~~~~)


The Fab Miss B said...

So much to see! The fabrics are just gorgeous.

Rain said...

These are beautiful photos! I love seeing photos of shops on holiday. Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Allison said...

Fabric market = little slice of heaven. :)