Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Featured Shop: BeautifulBridget


It's been cool here in Hong Kong recently (Autumn has come finally...) It would be great to have a scarf.

1. What is your shop name ?

2. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and what you make ?
As you may have guessed, I absolutely LOVE to create! My hands are always busy...if I don't have something to occupy my hands, I will fall asleep in 15 minutes...so I make things ;) I create premium scarves, cowls, scarflettes, hats, pure cotton scrubbies, apple jackets, coffee cozies, iPod pockets, and washcloth and dishcloth sets. My creative genius (am I allowed to call it that?) usually comes out late in the evenings while my daughters (missindie on Etsy and JustBeaded on Etsy) and I get together to watch our favorite reality TV shows...our "mother and daughter" time which I cherish more than anything else in life. My primary craft is crocheting, I've enjoyed doing it since my Mom taught it to me when I was a young girl and now as an adult I get ideas that pop into my head for new creations or I see things that I like and make my own crochet versions of them. There is nothing that feels better than hearing how someone else is enjoying something you created!

3. What is your shop URL ?

4. When did you start selling handmade ?
I've crocheted since I was a little girl and finally realized my dream of selling my handmade items in May of 2008.

5. How did you start selling handmade ?
I was fortunate to have a friend tell me about Etsy and instantly opened my store and began selling.

6. Why do you like crafting ?
Crocheting totally relaxes me at the end of a busy day. Plus, I get totally wrapped up in creating using different colors and techniques and love the outcome, it's such a thrill to list a newly created item!

7. What is your favorite product in your shop ?
Right now it is probably my Desert Trail Cowl.....it was super fun to make and is SO warm and toasty! You can see it here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16729631

8. Do you sell offline ? If yes, where ?
During the holiday season I have the opportunity to take my crafts to a cute little local handmade shop called Village Gifts....my daughter and I personally know the owner and each year she invites us to showcase our scarf collections there.

9. Do you buy handmade ? What are your favorite stores ?
I sure do! My absolute favorite shop right now is WhatsThatSmell.etsy.com (she has the BEST candle tarts!) and I also love aromalite.etsy.com (her soaps are SO creamy!), pandacub.etsy.com (handmade hair accessories), GudonyaToo.etsy.com (for the absolute BEST handmade shampoo and conditioner)....I think I shop handmade more than I do in regular stores now! Of course, I also love my daughter's shops: missindie.etsy.com and JustBeaded.etsy.com

10. Any interesting things about your shop you would like to share ?
Well, I have a few "interesting" items that most people haven't seen yet....probably the most interesting are the apple jackets I sell, they really keep your apples from getting bruised:

Also, my change keepers are really cool and is a great way to make sure you always have spare change available:

And alot of people really like my unique dust busters:

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