Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Your Shop Information Is Needed

It is always like to do window shopping on the Internet and there are always lots of good shops. I'd like to feature some of these shops on this blog and a shopping guide which is still in progress. If you're interested to be featured, please fill in the following questionnaire and send email to dorothywyn@gmail.com. I'll notify you if you are featured.

1. What is your shop name ?

2. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and what you make ?

3. What is your shop URL ?

4. When did you start selling handmade ?

5. How did you start selling handmade ?

6. Why do you like crafting ?

7. What is your favorite product in your shop ?

8. Do you sell offline ? If yes, where ?

9. Do you buy handmade ? What are your favorite stores ?

10. Any interesting things about your shop you would like to share ?

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