Saturday, 11 October 2008

Nice tool - Stumble

I registered Stumble the day before yesterday for promoting our handmade store.

Stumble is a personalized web sites recommendations tool. What you need to do are only registering for an account, adding a Stumble bar to your Firefox. After that, you can recommend your site or blog to Stumble so that your pages can be recommended to the others. You can also train Stumble by 'Like' web sites you love, so that it knows how to recommend sites to you.

I've got only a little traffic from Stumble yesterday, but what makes me happy is that it is really really fun to visit sites randomly with Stumble. I've found interesting quilting sites, fabric stores etc through Stumble.

This reminds me my final year project in the university years ago. I did similar thing, about recommending web sites to the users according to their interests.

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