Thursday, 30 October 2008

Featured Shop: The Wildfire

I don't use candles actually, but attracted by the beautiful candles in this shop. The design and colors of the candles are so beautiful that it's hard not to love it. The candles are all wax, no paint is used. Isn't it wonderful ? My favorite in this shop is Dragonfly Luminary.

1. What is your shop name ?
The Wildfire

2. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and what you make ?
I'm blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, though I didn't always feel that way. I have an independent personality and it was hard to adjust to not working, not providing for myself, and the monotonous routine of wash clean cook. I love my children, but desperately needed something for "me time". (that oh so joyous moment called nap time)
My husband bought me a little candle maker for Christmas one year and I haven't stopped since. I upgraded my equipment, taught myself all the techniques to a perfect a candle, and now take those techniques to the extreme.

3. What is your shop URL ?

4. When did you start selling handmade ?
Summer of 2007
I opened my Etsy shop in the Fall of 2007; the best decision I've made so far.

5. How did you start selling handmade ?
Once my house had a candle (or 2) in every room, I would give them out to family and friends. I soon had people offering to buy them and I definitely took them up on that offer.

6. Why do you like crafting ?
I love working with my hands.

7. What is your favorite product in your shop ?
Oh boy, that's a tough one. Every new candle I produce is my favorite. If I don't like it, I don't put it out there.
If I really had to make a decision, I'd say my Red Flower. It's big (4x4), so it has a long burn life, the design is beautiful when lit and even unlit, plus you can reuse it over and over again by just placing a tea light in the center once the wax has burned all the way down. All of my 4x4 pillar candles leave an outer shell behind for that reason.

8. Do you sell offline ? If yes, where ?
Yes. I would love to own my own shop one day, but for now I sell to my community. It's a word of mouth thing.
My goal for 2009 is to push wholesale and get my candles in a local shop, then maybe even do a few fair/festivals.

9. Do you buy handmade ? What are your favorite stores ?
Of course!
I love handmade soaps and really enjoy Shannon's Irish Bliss. They smell wonderful and she offers many organic products which is A+ to me.
Then I have a few friends offline who do amazing work, as well.

10. Any interesting things about your shop you would like to share ?
I don't use paint on my candles. All of my designs are all wax. I do this because it gives the candle a more sleek and stylish look. Plus, it helps me get some of the unique illuminating effects I love so much.