Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Yeah! Dream Mist Crafts Official Web Site Giveaway

It was a long weekend in Hong Kong (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), but I did nothing on my crafts. No no no, I was not lazy. I was busy on setting up the web site of Dream Mist Crafts.

To celebrate the opening of the web site, we will have opening sale and opening lucky draw. You may check our event calendar for details.

I ordered the Domain with $9.99 / year, and web hosting with $12.95 / month from Pappashop on Saturday morning in Hong Kong. The site was ready with a shopping cart the next day. (yes, very fast).

I spent the whole Sunday on the content of the shop, and then the whole Monday on the template and banner, and updating the link on my community network pages.

Having your own web site is really nice. You can include whatever you like e.g. subcategories, floral layout etc.

Pappa-Pak supports bulk update of inventory. You can also apply discount to products in a category or all products. There is event calendar, gift registry etc with Pappa-Pak. You can see more features on their web site.

Pappashop uses Mal's e-commerence for the shopping cart. It supports setting rules for shipping, coupon codes etc, which allows autmoatic calculation of shipping cost and discount while buyers check out.

The next thing I would do is trying to improve the SEO of the site by making suitable meta keywords, descriptions etc.

OK, you don't have to worry. I still love Etsy. The community there is so nice and cannot be replaced by anything. I am NOT going to leave Etsy and have never thought of this. I will list most of my products on both sites. For those which are very unique, I may list on either site.

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