Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Typhoon Day

A typhoon has just visited HK and signal No.8 has been hoisted. We didn't go to office today (yeah, 1 extra day off). I've spent my day off for my shop.

I've decided to print some business cards. Actually, I love Moo cards (especially the mini cards). However, they're to expensive to me at the moment (while I have 2 sales only).
Finally, I've decided to have my cards printed in a local Hong Kong store Print1000.
I spent a morning to design the business card and submitted the order. I wanted to show some of my items on the cards, so I picked up some pictures and made a college with Picasa.
Here is the finalized version and the outcome should have round corners which make it more special.

In the afternoon, I finished the mini wallet and cellphone bag I have been working on. Asked my husband to retake some more pictures in my store and take photos for those new items.
The new items will be listed in this week.

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fluffnflowers said...

They look great! I like the simplicity and the 'photo pile' really draws my eyes.