Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Little Black Box or The Sampler

I'm going to get my business card this week, and would like to send samplers (perhaps some buttons).
I've found out 2 places so far, and I'm considering which one I should send to

1) The Little Black Box
2) The Sampler

Here is some comparisons:

Lower limit of samples
The Little Black Box : none
The Sampler : 25 samples

The Little Black Box : none except sending your samples to potential buyers
The Sampler : 1) a box of sample ; 2) logo being put on their site ; 3) discount on advertising on their site

Feedback from Etsy Forum
It seems that The Little Black Box has a better feedback.

Other consideratiosn
- You can simply send coupon codes too to The Little Black Box. There is no restriction on the sampler to be sent.
- The Little Black Box ships to the U.S. only.


alymami said...

I've been thinking of subbmitting my stationery products, too.

I've been thinking of submitting to The Little Black Box and I've seen a couple of others I might do that seem good.

The Sample Boutique and I Heart Samples

good luck!!

The Bumble Bee Studio's blog!! said...

great blog dorothy !!!

i am submitting LOTS of samples to the little black wildflower seed cards....sooo hoping it will increase my sales. i am going to send about 200 in nov and dec. wish me luck !!