Monday, 10 October 2011

Austria Trip 2011 - Day 1

We departed from Hong Kong at 2:10am and arrived Doha at around 5:35am, and then change flight from Doha to Vienna after around 3 hours. Arrived Vienna at 13:30.The service of Qatar is excellent. The best idea was using stickers to indicate your order during your sleep - don’t disturb, wake me for meal or wake me for duty free shopping. The meal is okay. The Older Airbus in our second flight was not very nice however.

Doha International Airport is being renovated and expanded (there will be a new one in 2012). The airport is old - still using bus to take people from the plane to the terminal. They use colours to help people to get to the right place. The airport is built on desert and we saw much sands. Islamic buildings are beautiful.

We realised having long and short flights is better idea because you can have better sleep. Actually I didn't have much sleep in both flights and was extremely sleepy and exhausted after we arrived Austria.

Our first stop was Salzburg, so we took Railjet from Vienna to Salzburg.
We arrived Achat hotel at Salzburg after 18:00, there was a Subway nearby. Hence we bought sandwiches for dinner. I chose turkey, ham, beacon, American cheese, salad, tomato, honey mustard dressing which was quite delicious. Actually I have never tried Subway in Hong Kong as there are not many Subway here.

Austria is so beautiful, the little houses, the large area of grasslands and farms fascinate me. But there are lots of people smoking around and English was not as common as in Germany which brings us a little bit inconvenience.
Achat Hotel is great, the room is big with classic design. I was surprised to see such big room. There were 1 bath room, and another room for toilet and sit bath. The bed was comfortable except the pillow.

My husband is a train lover, of course he took a photo for trains here.

We realized we should take a photo for our room after some time, and tried to resume the original tidy look of the bed, but in vain :P

The decorations of the room make you feel that you've gone back many years ago.
The door in the middle is the room's door. You can find the toilet and sit bath tub behind the right door and the left door is for the bathroom.

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