Sunday, 9 November 2008

Featured Shop: Sock Monkey Jungle

1. What is your shop name ?
My shop is called Sock Monkey Jungle you can usually find me monkeying around in there :O)

2. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and what you make ?
My name is Jan i am 44yrs young :OP I am a wife and a mother to 3 children Glenn,Melanie and Ryan,i have a rabbit called Thumpa a Guineapig called Patchy and a west highland terrier called Benji.
I am a Sock Monkey Addict lol, i love what i do, it keeps me sane :OP

3. What is your shop URL ?

4. When did you start selling handmade ?
I have always been creative since being a young girl, i enjoyed needlecrafts,art,casting miniature fireplaces,
crosstiching,painting,jewelery making,bead making,but sock monkeys are the foremost in my life !

5. How did you start selling handmade ?
I started selling on ebay a long time ago,then on some craft sites,but settled selling on etsy as i made good friends and its a great community.

6. Why do you like crafting ?
I like crafting because it keeps me sane, keeps me out of trouble,and because every time i create a new sock monkey its like bringing a
little character to life,i love to make people smile and also love to make people happy,my life revolves around sock monkeys 24/7 its my passion!

7. What is your favorite product in your shop ?
Every character i make is individual,like it has its own unique look and character,i love everyone i have never made the same and will continue to
love each and every one i make in the future, i have no favorites i love em all!!

8. Do you sell offline ? If yes, where ?
I have opened recently my uk website shop where i sell my sock monkeys and other monkey related gifts

9. Do you buy handmade ? What are your favorite stores ?
Oh gosh yes i always promote and buy handmade, if i have anything to purchase that could be handmade i will check etsy first,it supports sellers
and encourages continuation of art, expression and inspiration handmade rocks!
I could list a hundred shops i like ! I will mention a lovely lady i purchased from recently,i just love her fun artistic flair she paints fatcats
and i just LOVE the vase i got from her! SunnysWoodnGifts's Shop
i have favourite jewelery shops,sewing shops,cake shops,oh gosh so many dont get me started lol! My paypal dont like them much though! :OP

10. Any interesting things about your shop you would like to share ?
I am always learning,developing,trying hard to be the best i can at what i do,i have a blog where you can follow me to see what new creations i have
introduced the desire to keep introducing new and unique is a strong drive which comes deep within me so please do follow me if you like my work and would like to see updates
i may even follow you back !

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Sock Monkey Jungle said...

oh my gosh how honoured am i to be featured! today is my birthday so this could not have come at a better time! falalalaaaa! Thankyou so very much!!! x