Tuesday, 9 September 2008


It was my first time to make totes last week. I decided to make them because ChiliMango gave me kind suggestions while I was upset with no sale in July.

I didn't make totes in the past because I am not confident if people would like the fabrics I have chosen. If the others don't like them and wouldn't buy the totes, the fabrics would be wasted. It consumes half yard of fabrics for every mini totes I have made !

Luckily, I have got positive feedback from Etsian in the chat room and other network communities.

People usually like the Green and Yellow Strip Mini Tote more. The fabric was bought from Black Cat Quilts in San Francisco when I visited my grandmother in late May.

Another popular one is the Clover Cotton Linen Mini Tote, which has got more views than the Green and Yellow Strip although people mention it has got less votes. This fabric was brought from a bulk purchase from Taiwan hosted by a Hong Kong blogger.

It seems that the Dark Red Chess Board Mini Tote is less popular. I made a zipper clutch with the same fabric before and both of them are not popular.

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